Your Data,Your Way: Brink POS Configurable Dashboard Reporting

Powerful Analytics For Growing Your Restaurant.

Analyze one specific location, or a multitude of stores combined by creating custom reports for your operation.

Par Brink POS远程管理



  • 了解您的客人的购买行为。
  • 确定减少业务费用的方法。
  • Increase customer engagement opportunities.
  • 24/7 access to sales updates.
  • 可用的自定义报告。


With Brink POS reporting, managing your business has never been this easy.

  • 移动响应仪表板在手中调整到设备。
  • “设备”功能揭示了终端或平板电脑脱机的可见性。
  • 您的设备可以从Brink POS管理门户自动重新启动。
  • “Order Audit” feature grants the ability to analyze Data and Sales.
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由于Brind Pos,12岁的鸭子甜甜圈品牌推出了在线订购,现在可以自信地向客人推出忠诚度计划。


"Brink is a great POS system with lots of potential. Cloud based system is great for management and access to data from anywhere. Ability to export data into our systems. Integrations with third parties work well."

- Brink客户,评论,G2人群