Brink Loyalty

Create a Fan Base and Connect with Guests in a Personal Way.

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    Stay in Constant Contact with Your Guests.

    Connect with Customers Across All Order Channels.

    • 奖励您的客人支持您的品牌。
    • 创建基于定制的点数的计划,访问的计划,基于项目的计划,彩票样式奖励和奖励事件。
    • Send surveys, emails, and updates all tailored to specific consumer profiles.

    Extend and Expand Your Restaurant's Reach.

    Strengthen Relationships with Guests and Attract New Customers at the Same Time.

    • 收集并分析有价值的数据,如联系信息和购买历史,以影响营销决策。
    • Encourage return visits, and offer bonuses to guests who refer family and friends.
    • Keep your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds so they continue to choose your brand instead of competitors.



    If you haven’t implemented a loyalty program yet, you are missing out! Repeat customers spend 67% more on average than new customers, so delighting and engaging recurring guests should be a top priority!

    “Par Brind Pos Loyalty建于POS”

    "We went through extensive demos with multiple POS providers, and the fact that PAR’s Brink POS loyalty is built into the POS and not just integrated to it was a huge benefit to our business making it a simple decision."

    - Richard Graeter