The Adventures of Mr. BrinkTastic!

标准边缘位置Presents: The Adventures of Mr. BrinkTastic!


Brink POS是唯一的销售点平台,它将一整套软件应用程序与可靠的硬件澳门金沙所有网址和服务组合相结合,满足您日益增长的餐厅需求;所有这些都为运营商和您的客人创造了一个无缝和增强的体验!

It’s time to leave behind legacy technology and unleash your true potential!!

• Allows partners to integrate seamlessly with PAR.


• A constantly changing landscape means new products can be integrated with Brink as needs arise.


边缘位置software is the only point of sale platform that combines a complete suite of software applications with a reliable hardware and services portfolio that your growing restaurant demands.


• Payment Processing
• Disaster Recovery
• Device Status
• Single Admin Portal
• Role Based Security
• Configurable Dashboard
• Complex Coupons
• Central Reports