Data Central®

The Magic Behind The Moments

Data Central®提供创新,易于使用的后台解决方案,使运营商更有效地运营业务。我们基于云的软件利用商业智能和自动化技术来优化劳动力,降低食品成本,并改善客户服务。

Inventory and Food Management

Labor and Scheduling

Reporting and Analytics


Seamlessly integrate with your Point of Sale, Supplier, Accounting, Payroll, and other systems to consolidate all your information securely in one place.


A comprehensive training experience tailored to your business and the solutions you use.


Leading software support and best practices provided by seasoned restaurant operators.


“Last year between labor and cost of sales savings on our brand size of 100 stores, we saved $250,000 to our bottom line.”

Jason Westoff, President at Cousins Subs

“We have been using Data Central®for a couple years now and the thing I would say more than anything is we appreciate the support and the people.”

Eric Ersher, Founder & CEO at Zoup! Eatery


Nick Vojnovic, President at Little Greek


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