Brink Kitchen

Delight Your Guests One Dish at a Time.

Streamline Orders,Reduce Errors,and Decrease Customer Wait Times.

Improve Overall Efficiency

With Brink Kitchen your staff can easily keep track of and prioritize orders accordingly instead of juggling multiple tickets on the line.

Gain further insight into your restaurant

Ticket times become transparent,granting managers increased awareness into kitchen operations.

Reduce Errors

Reduce the risk of order-entry errors and lost tickets in the kitchen.

Deepen Customer Satisfaction

With the reduction of errors,ensure guests substitutions or special requests are met the first time.

Streamline Online Ordering

Orders placed online by customers will show up immediately in real time.

Ease of Integration

Brink Kitchen integrates with various 3rd party vendors or 澳门金沙所有网址platforms as well as your traditional,in-house POS system.

Unite Your Front & Back of the House

  • Improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant by increasing the communication between the front and back of the house with this native-built in feature of Brink POS software.
  • Streamline your operation and your staff!!
  • A reduction in mistakes between staff results in decreased food and inventory costs.

Beneficial to All Restaurant Types

  • This Enterprise-ready feature benefits small independent operations,QSR's,Fast Casual's,and everything in between.
  • Gain increased visibility into your restaurant operation.
  • Provide the optimal guest experience and satisfy consumers with correct dishes,适当的餐踱来踱去,and a reduction in mistakes!!

"The Brink Kitchen Display Solution (KDS) has improved kitchen efficiency enabling staff to serve their guests faster as well as providing increased visibility to their operations,in real-time.""

Josh Morgan,Operating Partner

Aurify Brands