Brink Loyalty

Create a Fan Base and Connect with Guests in a Personal Way.

Loyalty Built into Your POS

The Brink POS Loyalty module is built into your point of sale.The cloud-based design enables real-time reporting and enterprise management.

A Seamless Experience

Brink's loyalty program allows for real-time access to the latest promotions across all restaurants and order channels for a perfect guest experience.

Tailored Offers

Create engaging campaigns through valuable customer data and insight gained by Brink Loyalty.Your customers will love that their rewards are relevant and personal based on their specific preferences and order history.

Surveys and Emails

Automated emails and guest surveys keep your customers engaged,increase the number of recurring visits,and improve customer satisfaction.

Flexible Configuration Management

Configure your loyalty program once,and its instantly available in store,online,and mobile,or design promotions to drive revenue in a specific store,at a specific time,across a specific order channel.

Data & Analytics

With real-time reporting,analyze the success of your marketing efforts,with the ability to make decisions and adjustments on the fly

Stay in Constant Contact With Guests

  • Brink Loyalty allows your restaurant to connect with customers across all order channels.
  • Reward your guests for supporting your brand.
  • Create customized Points Based Plans,Visit Based Plans,Item Based Plans,Lottery Style Rewards,and Bonus Events.
  • Send surveys,emails,and updates all tailored to specific consumer profiles.

Strengthen Relationships with Guests & Attract New Customers

  • Gather and analyze valuable data such as contact information and purchase history to impact marketing decisions.
  • Encourage return visits,and offer bonuses to guests who refer family and friends.
  • Keep your brand at the forefront of consumer's minds so they continue to choose your brand instead of competitors.

"We went through extensive demos with multiple POS providers,and the fact that PAR's Brink POS loyalty is built into the POS and not just integrated to it was a huge benefit to our business making it a simple decision.""

Richard Graeter,CEO

Graeter's Ice Cream