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Par DataCentral®自豪地为职位社区提供服务。我们了解业务活动,最佳实践和职业职位的独特需求。Data Central是一套后台应用程序,旨在帮助餐厅运营商实现高峰运营和财务效率。我们的劳动和调度管理,库存和食品管理,以及报告解决方案赋予数据驱动的业务决策,以改善您的底线。

Our team values the opportunity and privilege of serving you to the very best of our collective abilities.

Data Central is here to help YOUR business grow and to ensure a solid return on investment.

What can Data Central do for you?


礼宾服务为您提供经验丰富的Restaurant Restaurant operators的职位,该团队处理与软件管理有关的任务,并为行业最佳实践提供见解。访问级别1支持,Popeyes自定义报告,准备表和互动培训,以教导管理员如何使用数据中央和嵌入式自定义文档。

Inventory Management

Save time and ensure accuracy with easy-to-use mobile inventory management. Simplify and automate ordering from vendors based on predictive forecasting. Data Central helps control food costs by tracking inventory from delivery through preparation and helps manage waste, over-portioning and theft.

Labor & Scheduling

Lower labor costs with centralized labor scheduling that makes sure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Data Central uses historical data and forecasting algorithms to generate optimized staff schedules. Increase employee communication with our employee facing app that allows for easy access to the schedule, shift swapping, and time off requests.

Food Management

Reduce stress with suggested ordering, dashboard alerts, and insights on Actual vs. Theoretical food cost variance. Ensure food safety and compliance using centralized recipe information and task management tools.


Actionable insights for quick decisions to remain proactive not reactive. Get the information you need across units to improve operations, drive efficiencies, and grow revenue. Our industry-leading management dashboards, reports, and spot check tool are created by experienced restaurant operators. Business intelligence like you have never seen before and complete control over who has access to what information.

Our Commitment to Popeyes

We promise each Popeyes franchisee owner the same level of dedicated Data Central support, service, and excellence that our existing customers already receive. We believe it is important for you to always have a voice in the Community. Our Data Central application is the very best product of its kind in our industry, and we support its use in your organization along with a team of people that are the very best at what they do.

See why hundreds of Popeyes locations count on Data Central for unsurpassed business intelligence. There is a minimal upfront investment associated with our custom tailored software. Fill out the form below to find out about our special pricing for Popeyes!

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