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It is critical we stay relevant to our customers and adopt new technologies quickly. Standardization is the key to achieve our digital roadmap. Updating our Point of Sale, Labor, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, and Reporting systems will put us on track to achieve our goals.

PAR Technology Inc. will be able to provide a simple maintenance and cloud solution that allows integrations to today’s loyalty and a variety of ordering systems. With the implementation of PAR Brink POS Software, Back-Office Software, Hardware, + PAR Pay, we can achieve these company-wide initiatives.

Franchisees can expect this technology initiative to enhance data capture, allow for remote management, increase order accuracy, and so much more! If you would like to see a PAR demo to learn more, please点击这里与标准代表联系。

This isn't our first Point of Sale Rollout


Brink POS是首选的一体化餐厅销售点解决方案,为企业建造,但对于独立的Restaurant所有者而言,足够灵活,具有每月SaaS订阅。Learn more here.


PAR’sEverServ®600系列TE.rminals thrive in the harshest, busiest environments.网上金沙注册网站网址

PAR Pay.

PAR Pay is a SaaS-based EMV enabled transaction processing solution.Learn more here.

Back Office.

Restaurant Magic delivers innovative, easy-to-use back-office solutions that empower operators to run their business more effectively.


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