Making POS Payment Simple.

PAR支付is a SaaS based EMV enabled transaction processing solution.

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The Leading Electronic Payment Solution

A Seamless Extension of PAR POS Software.

  • Fully supported by the PAR service infrastructure.
  • 付款解决方案与快速芯片相结合。
  • Improve the overall guest experience.
  • Providing peace of mind through fraud detection and security monitoring.
  • 通过基于云的门户授予实时交易可见性。
  • 随时随地访问交易和结算详细信息,分析趋势,协调付款和所有商店的退款。

par pay的主要特征

Enjoy the Benefits of this Integrated Payment Platform

支持Apple Pay™,Google Pay™,Samsung Pay™和PayPal™,与附近的现场通信(NFC)。
Quick Chip support for EMV processing as fast as swipe.
Store & Forward for automatic approval of transactions while offline.

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Smartphone Being Used to Make a Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments: The Path to Your Restaurant's Success

Fifteen years ago, 90% of payment transactions at restaurants were made in cash. It is now predicted that this year,nearly 90% of all paymentswill be made using a credit or debit card.


Here are the top reasons why your restaurant should take advantage of mobile payment solutions!

Learn more about PAR Payment Services

PAR支付ment Services

PAR支付ment Services is a merchant service offering providing restaurants with card payment processing, serviced and supported by PAR, and packaged in an easy, transparent, and competitively priced offering.
Staying true to PAR’s open approach and unlike others, PAR Payment Services is a choice for restaurants, rather than a mandate.

"With the Changing Landscape of Data Security and PCI Compliance"

"Brink POS, a cloud-native POS platform, eliminates the need for a back-office server in the restaurant and no data is ever stored in house. Deploying a next generation, cloud-based POS, and removing the accompanying physical server from the store landscape was a priority for Pita Pit USA with the changing landscape of data security and PCI compliance."

- 米克·灰色

Director of IT, Pita Pit USA