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Restaurant Coronavirus救济和客户计划

Par Covid-19救济热线:1-680-200-9911This is your central point of contact for all requests and inquiries related to the coronavirus pandemic.



Every PAR customer is unique.

Our customers likely have vastly different needs during this challenging time, and we don’t believe a blanket approach can meet the individual needs of our diverse range of restaurant operators.

If your restaurant has closed temporarily, PAR will自动地根据我们的Brink POS管理门户网站或Restaurant Magic Admin Portal的审核,根据餐厅的不活动暂停计费。PAR将在重新活动时自动重新激活账单。

If your store has closed permanently, please clickHERE完成正确的文书工作。



parhas an extensive network of integration partners who are offering their services to help out restaurants during this difficult time. We will continue to update this page as we learn more about what programs are available.



7档provides a scheduling, task management, and team communication platform that integrates with Brink to keep your employees safe and up to date with what’s going on at your restaurant. We care about you and your employees. We want to make sure you have the best tools available to help you get through this challenging time.

  • Get 7shifts “Works” package free for four months.
  • 没有合同,没有条纹。
  • COVID-19 Restaurant ResourcePage.
  • 要注册,请单击here


  • No fees.
  • 没有合同,没有条纹。
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here


Chowlyprovides POS integration by sending all of your third-party marketplace orders directly through your PAR Brink system. Chowly helps enable additional marketplace platforms and streamlines your entire off-premise operation.

  • 免费60天试用。
  • Waived setup fees.
  • Online ordering included in trial + optional dispatch services.
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here


Special Pricing for a Special Time.在Goji,我们希望每个人都知道我们有多关心。为了回应Covid-19,我们将以零设置费用放弃90天的软件费用。我们理解每个人都很艰难,Gojikiosk可以帮助员工短缺和社会疏远。
  • 没有设置费(价值1,000美元)。
  • 前3个月的软件是免费的($ 297价值@ $ 99 / mo)。
  • 完整的售货亭硬件与机箱,只需69美元/ mo。


激动人情is the only restaurant digital platform that operates across the web, mobile and in-store channels to help restaurants acquire new customers, drive visits & spending and increase loyalty and engagement. Restaurants can start offering online and mobile ordering through custom-branded mobile apps within a couple of weeks with the option of commission-free delivery through Doordash (for a flat fee).

激动人情is offering BrinkPOS customers and prospects a 20% discount on Incentivio’s subscription and setup fees for a period of 3 months and will be fast-tracked to offer order-ahead and delivery within two weeks.





  • Offering a one-month free trial.
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here

猴Media Software





洋红色 facilitates to-go ordering with drive-up order & pay technology so restaurants can now turn their parking spaces into revenue-generating real estate with scan-to-order and scan-to-pay features – no app required.
  • 所有Onedine费用放弃,而在餐厅限制到位。
  • 没有合同,没有承诺,没有噱头。
  • Integrates with most POS systems.
  • 可以在24小时内完成并准备好。
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here



  • Waived startup fees in certain scenarios.



  • 放弃所有激活费(500美元价值)。
  • One month of service free ($119 value).
  • Can lock-in a rate of $99 per location/month (savings of $20 off normal pricing).
  • Volume discounts are available based on the number of active locations.

Paytronix Order & Delivery

我们创造了Order & Delivery Acceleration Programto help you get up and running as fast as possible. We know time is of the essence, so we will work with you to configure a simple system that will allow you to take orders and get them out the door for pickup or delivery within two weeks. This will include regular pickup, curbside pickup, and delivery by either DoorDash or through your own fleet.


Readycan quickly help you accept direct online orders for guest pick-up or on-premise using virtual kiosk self-ordering. No hardware or additional labor is required.

  • Monthly fees waived until June 1, 2020.
  • 设置费退出。
  • 在24-48小时内运行。

Restaurant Revolution Technologies (RRT)

Order One Maverick by RRTis an online/mobile ordering platform with self-administration tools, allowing restaurants to onboard and manage directly. Launch digital ordering within 24-48 hours from signing.

  • Waived setup fees.
  • 前3个月是免费的。
  • $99/month and $0.10/transaction after the free promotional period.
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here

Smarter Takeout

Smarter Takeoutworks side-by-side with our clients to develop an innovative online order ahead solution that seamlessly integrates their brand. Leveraging our online ordering expertise and innovative takeout, delivery, venue intermission ordering, and catering platforms, Smarter Takeout enables your company to increase customer reach from the day your system goes live.

  • Free 30-day trial.



  • Web ordering for $99/month.
  • No setup fees or commitments.


Spendgois a loyalty and marketing suite (Rewards, Offers, SMS) that makes your online ordering more successful. With partnerships with Olo, Ready, and Togo, restaurants can immediately take advantage of their platform.

  • 将我们的忠诚度平台与您的电子商务提供商完澳门金沙所有网址全免费,直到2021年!点击here有关详细信息。
  • Integrated into Olo, Ready, and ToGo Technologies





  • trabon.is offering signage at cost.
  • 有关更多信息,请单击here

Digital and Off-Premise Programs

Please fill out the form below to learn more about our delivery options. We will continue to update this page as we learn more about what small business relief initiatives and other programs are available.