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Help Desk

  • 当问题出现时,我们的首要任务是解决it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Help Desk provides technical support and customer service all from a single point of contact.
  • Our PAR Help Desk is available 24x7x365 with a highly-experienced team of passionate and specialized professionals to quickly troubleshoot system issues to resolution, including remote diagnostic capabilities. The Help Desk is our “lifeline” to our valued customers, and we proficiently employ technician specialists who are experts in their customized field.
  • 通过实时访问我们独家知识管理系统和实时协作工具,我们的帮助台专家几乎与可以协助客户解决的主题专家的扩展团队相关联。我们的专家致力于为您提供最高水平的客户满意度。


  • 在初始部署完成后,远程管理作为额外的技术支持层;提供远程监控,以及IT基础架构的管理和主动分辨率。
  • 此服务监控您的POS终端,管理器工作站和其他网络设备,以帮助维护和确保具有最大升高的安全可靠的系统。远程管理还通过为您提供该服务来消除管理Windows更新的压力。
  • Whether you are the owner/operator of a single unit or a manager responsible for thousands of sites, maintaining your POS system is important for serving your customer. Remote Management is a PAR-hosted, SaaS offering that increases customer service and provides the operator peace of mind.
PAR Tech Customer Service

Database Management

  • The Database Management team at PAR is team is ready to become your single point of entry for new menu items, promotions, limited time offers, loyalty rewards, and other configuration requirements to meet your needs.
  • 频繁介绍了新产品。我们可以通过在一个地方输入新的菜单项,限量时间优惠和促销来消除商店输入错误。跟踪菜单混音数据在搜索所有新条目时变为耗时的过程。使用我们的团队与基于云的数据库,将确保企业和特许经营地区的销售报告中的一致性。
  • Our customer support team is trained to troubleshoot issues that may arise and with the single entry point, changes can quickly be made to all restaurants. Our service eliminates the need for support to find input errors within a single location. All changes are made within the larger enterprise database and pushed to all stores.